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Komfovent Air Handling Units keep people safe in critical environment

Cleaning the air in a Sour Fluid Testing Facility

Komfovent Air Handling Unit
Komfovent Air Handling Unit

The problem: Element Materials Technology is a leading company working to ensure that the materials and products being used in the industry are safe, which is why they built a new Sour Fluid Testing Facility in Scotland.

They wanted to ensure that the internal environment is healthy, so they needed a system to control the air quality. They wanted to provide volt free contact through a H2S monitor panel, so that the system would start to purify the internal air.

The solution: C² designed a system to control the environment within the Sour Fluid Testing Facility. The installation was completed by Cammach Group ltd, a dynamic, progressive and flexible engineering company that provides a wide range of products and engineering services to the global onshore, offshore and marine industries.

Control Panel

The system consists an AHU, extract fan and a Control Panel to control the air inside the sour area testing facility. The systems work in normal mode supplying and extracting air from the facility. With a H2S control panel, it monitors the system providing volt free contact, which will switch the system to Purge mode when the AHU and Extract fan start to work to a higher speed, to purify the air inside the facility.

Follow up: The system is ensuring a comfortable working environment avoiding indoor pollution. Element could follow up by testing the products and materials inside the Sour Fluid Testing Facility, ensuring that they are all safe and the systems are working correctly.

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