Clever Engineering is more than an equipment distributor that’s implementing great systems together with a proven mentoring approach. We also encompass enormous business process and technical experience across many sectors of commerce.

Our clients want to confidently believe they’ve chosen the best option for a given problem, someone with the appropriate industry experience and technical skills to work with a small local manufacturer or a multimillion dollar international corporation.

The Team at Clever Engineering are here to help anyone who wants to specify Cooling Towers, Fabric Ducting, ChillersVentilation – AHU or Factory Cooling. Typically our clients and customers are:

  • M&E Engineers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • End Users
  • Building Services Engineers
  • Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Heating & Ventilation Contractors
  • Building Constructors

So if you have any questions or want a price for your current project, contact us and we’ll give all the help you want.