New Product Innovations: Only from DuctSox!
For critical environments


A “Fabric” Air Dispersion Devices designed for laboratory environments (Vivariums, Pharmaceutical, Research Education, etc.) in critical applications commonly associated with a fume hood or other airflow sensitive equipment (scales, laser, microscope, etc).

Airflow in laboratories is a critical design factor as turbulent air can negatively effect research or even cause hood failure resulting in a compliancy issue. The LabSox advantage is clear as air passes through specialized fabric panels resulting in uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns with little if any turbulence.

LabSox products are not only ideal for labs of the future, but can be easily retrofitted to resolve air flow issues in existing facilities. Key product benefits:

  • More CFM/£ (20-50% less than metal)
  • Simple and Easy to Install
  • Low Weight and Reduced Freight Costs
  • Flexible Fabric is Less Susceptible to Damage
  • Less Jobsite Storage


Commercial and industrial kitchens require high volumes of supply airflow with minimal drafts for nearby exhaust hoods and equipment. With conventional diffusers, there are many common problems that can affect employee comfort and food safety. KitchenSox products offer commercial kitchens the answer. They eliminate drafts and condensation. They include an active antimicrobial treatment and can be easily removed for laundering.

Fabrics commonly used for KitchenSox may be up to 55% recycled content and include an active antimicrobial treatment.

D-Fuser™ Filter – For Cleaner Air

The D-Fuser Filter uses Merv 8 filtration media to help capture foreign particles that may pollute your working environment.

As buildings and their HVAC systems age, non-metallic components such as linings within duct or equipment, gaskets, and other dirt build up may become airborne. Commonly these particles are introduced downstream from filtration equipment, allowing the particles to travel freely into critical research, food preparation, or many other sensitive environments.

If your environment is suffering from airborne pollution such as black spec or other debris from your ducting system, the DuctSox D-Fuser Filter may be the solution.

  • Eliminate black spec from contaminating critical work environment.
  • Laminar or draft free Surround Flow dispersion pattern.
  • Easy installation, removal and replacement.
  • Sanitary, throw-away design.

So if you have any questions or want a price for your current project contact us and we’ll give all the help you need.