Perfect Factory Cooling Created with Measured Results for Specialist Fixings and Fasteners Manufacturer

When Richco International needed to cool down their UK manufacturing plant in Northfleet it was DuctSox fabric ducting that clinched the deal. Their challenge was that they needed to get the temperature of their plant room down to acceptable levels while at the same time eliminating any draughts that might upset the critical measuring equipment there.

A system was designed which delivered cool fresh air from 3 Met Mann AD-14-VS/100 floor-mounted top discharge evaporative coolers mounted externally at the rear of the factory and connected with a range of DuctSox Sedona-Xm fabric ducts, a premium grade fabric that provides ‘comfort-flow’ a superior airflow, which solved their specific air movement issue on the factory floor below.

DuctSox’s H-Track, an anodized aluminium track suspension system, was mounted via the purlins keeping the fabric duct system stable above the production area this hanging system is great for applications where the system changes direction.

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