Introducing the latest Ventilation Ducting Product from DuctSox Fabric Duct Manufacturer

SkeleCore is the latest product innovation from DuctSox and finally answers the question “is there a solution for fabric duct droop?”

Quite simply, SkeleCore is a Cylindrical Tensioning Device (CTD) for fabric ductwork systems. It maximizes the duct’s open shape and keeps the fabric taut and fully round even in the deflated mode. This allows for smoother and quieter start ups and improves the aesthetics while at the same time minimizing fabric wrinkling.

Immediately available for specifying on all new DuctSox fabric duct projects, SkeleCore can also be easily retrofitted to existing suspension systems and amazingly is also compatible for use with fabric ducting produced by other manufacturers.

This unique and simple system is constructed of a lightweight metallic ring and tubing structure and has minimal effect on friction loss. SkeleCore is available for the whole range of fabric duct diameters from 200mm [8″] all the way up to 900mm [36″] (in 50mm – 2″ – increments).

To get more information on incorporating SkeleCore into your next fabric ducting project or for more detailed information on SkeleCore, please contact us.