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Komfovent Air Handling Units keep people safe in critical environment

Cleaning the air in a Sour Fluid Testing Facility

Komfovent Air Handling Unit
Komfovent Air Handling Unit

The problem: Element Materials Technology is a leading company working to ensure that the materials and products being used in the industry are safe, which is why they built a new Sour Fluid Testing Facility in Scotland.

They wanted to ensure that the internal environment is healthy, so they needed a system to control the air quality. They wanted to provide volt free contact through a H2S monitor panel, so that the system would start to purify the internal air.

The solution: C² designed a system to control the environment within the Sour Fluid Testing Facility. The installation was completed by Cammach Group ltd, a dynamic, progressive and flexible engineering company that provides a wide range of products and engineering services to the global onshore, offshore and marine industries.

Control Panel

The system consists an AHU, extract fan and a Control Panel to control the air inside the sour area testing facility. The systems work in normal mode supplying and extracting air from the facility. With a H2S control panel, it monitors the system providing volt free contact, which will switch the system to Purge mode when the AHU and Extract fan start to work to a higher speed, to purify the air inside the facility.

Follow up: The system is ensuring a comfortable working environment avoiding indoor pollution. Element could follow up by testing the products and materials inside the Sour Fluid Testing Facility, ensuring that they are all safe and the systems are working correctly.

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C Squared appointed U.K. Distributor for Chiller Frigoriferi

Chiller Frigoriferi are experts in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They offer a wide range of water chillers (water and air cooled) and heat pumps. Cooling capacities range from 0.5 kW to 1200 kW and chillers are personalised for individual applications. zcf2

Recently introduced to the U.K., is the ZCF Range which offers a true Packaged Chiller with “Plug & Play” ability, allowing the equipment to be quickly put into service, requiring only power and the hydraulic circuit to be connected.

The CF Range is very comprehensive and can provide solutions for all applications from small laboratory Chillers to large scale Industrial and Commercial such as HVAC and Process cooling.

Clever Engineering – Appointed U.K. Distributor for MITA Srl, FRP Cooling Towers, Adiabatic Coolers and Condensers

MITA is an Italian cooling tower manufacturer of open, closed and hybrid cooling tower as well as a range of Adiabatic Dry Coolers and Evaporative Condensers. The range is manufactured in FRP and pays particular attention to making maintenance easy.

Ideally suited for cooling a diverse range of pharmaceutical, manufacturing and processing operations, Jacir cooling towers are immediately available from Clever Engineering in extensive ranges that cover every application.

“This move will ensure access to first class, after-sales service and technical support, together with quick availability and delivery for Clever Engineering customers across the UK. The MITA brand stands for outstanding quality and service, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with MITA to support and grow the UK business” commented Clever Engineering Managing Director, Trevor Carter.

MITA has a wide selection of cooling towers featuring; low noise, plume-less and glycol-free models and its factory is conveniently placed for rapid manufacture and delivery throughout the UK.
Their proven 50-year plus track record for exceptional performance and reliability enables industries to optimise machine and process productivity. The company has built its reputation on the supply of high quality coolers, extensive technical and applications expertise, and prompt after sales back-up service, which will continue locally from Clever Engineering.

To support the range in the U.K., Clever Engineering have appointed Jose Sanchez as Technical Sales Engineer for the range. Jose has many years experience in Industrial and Commercial cooling and specialises in Cooling Tower technology.

The “Greenest Building in North America” Uses Ductsox Under Floor Air Distribution!

Billed as the “Greenest Building in North America,” the new Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), is one of only a handful of buildings worldwide that will provide “net positive” benefits to the environment. It reduces UBC’s carbon emissions, powers itself and a neighbouring building with renewable and waste energy, creates drinking water from rain, and treats wastewater onsite.

To ensure proper distribution of airflow within their Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) system, Stantec Engineering included the Ductsox Under Floor product, UnderFloorSox (UFSox). The product contributed to an easier installation and provided the correct temperature distribution creating a comfortable environment for occupants.

Ductsox UFSox systems are expressly designed to work with raised access flooring and can be configured to provide a variety of thermal zones within a floor. Increasingly UFAD solutions are being considered by End-users and Consulting Engineers; UFSox will possibly be a key-solution for easier construction integration and better performance from now on as they offer convincing benefits:

  • Improving building services flexibility
  • Extending building lifecycle and reducing energy costs
  • Improving thermal comfort and control for employees
  • Reduces floor-to-floor height in new constructions
  • Increases occupant productivity and satisfaction
  • Providing increased indoor air quality and ventilation efficiency

We have a range of information available on UFAD products and we’d be happy to provide any assistance with your current or future under floor projects. Please contact us or call on 0845 057 3097.

Learn Why Fabric Duct is Replacing Metal For Superior Air Dispersion and Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that M&E professionals ‘in the know’ have been specifying fabric ducting systems for years versus metal for many positive reasons.

Now you can get up to speed on the basics and all latest technical advancements being made in the world of fabric air dispersion thanks to CIBSE – Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers – and Clever Engineering (Kent) Limited – DuctSox Representative for UK & Europe.

At ebm-papst UK Ltd’s conference venue at Chelmsford Business Park, Chelmsford, CM2 5EZ, DuctSox Corporation’s International Sales Manager – John Lipscomb – will be delivering comprehensive seminar introducing ‘Fabric Air Dispersion’.

This is a free seminar; an ideal opportunity to learn about improved air dispersion and the energy efficiency of fabric duct versus metal systems.

Presented by John Lipscomb of DuctSox Corporation, this seminar will provide mechanical engineers, designers and specifiers with all the essentials they need from the basics of fabric duct system design to the cost advantages of using fabric ducting versus metal systems and will feature on the superior air dispersion and energy efficiency of the latest fabric duct systems. The session can contribute 1.5 hours towards CIBSE’s CPD requirement too.

All are welcome, whether you’re a CIBSE member or not, so come and book in your colleagues too. This seminar is free of charge to all delegates and includes useful design data and a free draw for a chance to win a CIBSE Duct publication!

Tea and coffee is available from 6.00pm with the seminar commencing at 6.30pm. Stay for cheese, wine and networking afterwards with other M&E professionals.

Register Free Here

Anyone who can’t make it but are interested to learn about fabric duct design and how it can improve their projects, can contact UK & Europe Rep’s, Clever Engineering on 0845 057 3097 or by email using the contact form.

Introducing the latest Ventilation Ducting Product from DuctSox Fabric Duct Manufacturer

SkeleCore is the latest product innovation from DuctSox and finally answers the question “is there a solution for fabric duct droop?”

Quite simply, SkeleCore is a Cylindrical Tensioning Device (CTD) for fabric ductwork systems. It maximizes the duct’s open shape and keeps the fabric taut and fully round even in the deflated mode. This allows for smoother and quieter start ups and improves the aesthetics while at the same time minimizing fabric wrinkling.

Immediately available for specifying on all new DuctSox fabric duct projects, SkeleCore can also be easily retrofitted to existing suspension systems and amazingly is also compatible for use with fabric ducting produced by other manufacturers.

This unique and simple system is constructed of a lightweight metallic ring and tubing structure and has minimal effect on friction loss. SkeleCore is available for the whole range of fabric duct diameters from 200mm [8″] all the way up to 900mm [36″] (in 50mm – 2″ – increments).

To get more information on incorporating SkeleCore into your next fabric ducting project or for more detailed information on SkeleCore, please contact us.

Perfect Factory Cooling Created with Measured Results for Specialist Fixings and Fasteners Manufacturer

When Richco International needed to cool down their UK manufacturing plant in Northfleet it was DuctSox fabric ducting that clinched the deal. Their challenge was that they needed to get the temperature of their plant room down to acceptable levels while at the same time eliminating any draughts that might upset the critical measuring equipment there.

A system was designed which delivered cool fresh air from 3 Met Mann AD-14-VS/100 floor-mounted top discharge evaporative coolers mounted externally at the rear of the factory and connected with a range of DuctSox Sedona-Xm fabric ducts, a premium grade fabric that provides ‘comfort-flow’ a superior airflow, which solved their specific air movement issue on the factory floor below.

DuctSox’s H-Track, an anodized aluminium track suspension system, was mounted via the purlins keeping the fabric duct system stable above the production area this hanging system is great for applications where the system changes direction.

If you have a project that requires an exacting solution, please contact us.

Sedona-Xm is Green!

Sedona-Xm fabric is now woven with 55% recycled content (80% post-industrial, 20% post-consumer). Sedona-Xm is still treated with a durable antimicrobial agent that maintains its effectiveness even after 10 washings. The yarns are made of non-linting filament threads to meet the requirements of ISO Class 3 Environments.

Sedona-Xm is available in blue, natural white, red, green, tan, gray, black, and custom colours. Natural white is not the same “bright white” we have offered in the past. If your project does require a “bright white” DuctSox, we can provide that for you in our standard Verona fabric.

Our new and improved Sedona-Xm is now a great option to have in today’s environmentally-conscious society, and one that should be specified on your next GREEN project!

Verona has been re-engineered to meet not only UL and ICC-ES, but also British and China standards. We also increased the weight of the fabric from 5.2 ounces to 6.2 ounces per square yard, and improved the aesthetics with a matte finish on the exposed side.

The new Verona will soon be offered for food processing applications where extensive laundering is required. It will be available in multiple porosities (6, 13, and 29 CFM), will meet the same FR requirements as Verona, and will be available in both white and custom colours.

DuctSox systems are available through UK & Europe Distributors, Clever Engineering and can be contacted here.